Jacob and the Missing Moon

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A children's picture book

There was a little town that hugged the coast. It had a tower with a clock and a prize-winning horse. The only thing the townspeople loved more than their tower with a clock and their prize-winning horse was the moon. But one night something happened - the moon did not show up...

Join Jacob as he goes searching for the town's missing moon. You will never believe where he finds it!

Taden Chesterfield

A Benjamin Franklin Award GOLD Winner

A great book for young readers.

Taden wakes up and begins his day as he has done so many times before. He puts on his favorite shirt and pants, and wolfs down a breakfast. Sensing that the day is turning into an ordinary day, he lightly kicks the doorframe on the way out of the kitchen. His mother tries to cheer him up by saying, “Taden, instead of kicking the doorframe, why don’t you find yourself a little adventure today?”

Taden can’t believe his ears and little does he realize that his mother’s words have opened a whole new world to him. He will never have an ordinary day again.

This is the first book featuring Taden Chesterfield, and it follows him on his adventures as he confronts kings, leaps over dragons, and soars in the skys on an umbrella. Join Taden as he leaves ordinary far behind.

"The strength of story and character is very strong. As a middle grade title, I was completely pulled in and wanted to keep 'swiping' to the next page. The illustrations are great..." IBPA

"The Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards - Gold Winner (exceeds the BFDA standards of excellence)" BFDA

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